Bright Future teams,

By now, I assume you have connected with your assigned mentor from Unilever. Here are some tips for leveraging future interaction with your mentor.

  • Connect: connect with your mentor on a regular basis to provide updates on your project and receive feedback. For this purpose, I encourage you to set a standing meeting time in an interval agreed upon by you and your mentor.
  • Engage: get into the logistics of your project and brainstorm with your mentor on areas to grow or improve your project.
  • Learn: your Unilever mentor is in the professional world; take time to listen and learn from him/her. Unilever is a very successful and sustainable company, so ask your mentor for thoughts on the impact, scalability and sustainability of your project.
  • Network: Ask your mentor about his/herself—where did he/she graduate from, what was his/her major, how did he/she get a start at Unilever? Your Unilever mentor isn’t just a great resource for project advice—ask for his/her career advice as well.

I hope that you enjoy connecting with your mentor and build a strong contact for yourself and your project.

Please contact me if you have not contacted your Unilever mentor or have questions about the process.

Good luck and keep building a Bright Future,

Tiffany Haney