Retailer Partnerships

BRCC Enactus Retailer Partnership

BRCC Enactus partnered with a local retailer to host store tours

Partnering with local retailers is a great way to energize your Bright Future project. We encourage you to collaborate with local retailers to learn from their business expertise and experience as you create sustainable hunger solutions in your community. While each Bright Future project is unique, here are a few examples to help your team brainstorm opportunities:

  • Host a shopping trip to a local retailer to teach your target audience how to shop for healthy food options on a budget.
  • Partner with a local retailer to implement cooking classes/demonstrations for your target audience (many retailers have dietitians who can also provide their expertise).
  • Invite a store manager to serve on your Business Advisory Board or as a project advisor.
  • Negotiate a win-win discount for sourcing items or making purchases for your project.
  • Create agreements with retailers to sell produce from local farmers to improve their livelihoods while increasing access to affordable, healthy food in the community.
  • Learn from store managers about business strategies and practices, such as pricing, inventory management, forecasting, food waste prevention, etc.

Unilever has written a letter of support that you can use to begin the partnership conversation with local retailers.

Questions? Contact your Unilever mentor or Enactus staff to help your team maximize retailer partnerships!