28Mar 2016

I know your team has been working hard this year to empower your target audience. During our phone and Skype calls, I feel the enthusiasm and energy you have for your projects. Sometimes, it is hard to translate all the work you have done over the last year in the Final Impact Report. Here are […]

14Jan 2016

Bright Future teams, As a member of Enactus and participant in the Bright Future Project Partnership to fight hunger in America, you’re playing an active role in making a positive impact on critical issues. In this guest blog post from Unilever, you will learn more about a global movement to change the world by 2030 […]

11Dec 2015

Bright Future teams, By now, I assume you have connected with your assigned mentor from Unilever. Here are some tips for leveraging future interaction with your mentor. Connect: connect with your mentor on a regular basis to provide updates on your project and receive feedback. For this purpose, I encourage you to set a standing […]

10Dec 2015

Bright Future teams, Thank you for all of the hard work you have done so far with your projects! Please stay connected with me during your winter break. I would love to see updates and photos as you continue empowering your communities. Remember to use the #BrightFuture social media hashtag to promote your projects. I […]

24Nov 2015

The following is a guest blog post from Lauren Wittig. She works in Global Brand Development at Unilever and is involved with Enactus. Together, we can make a difference to end hunger in America! In the US, 1 in 5 kids often go to bed without knowing where their next meal is coming from. On November […]

05Nov 2015

Twenty Enactus USA teams have been selected to participate in this year’s Unilever Bright Future Project Partnership. These teams have been awarded a $1,500 grant to implement sustainable, scalable solutions to food insecurity in America. We are excited to see these teams creating meaningful, lasting impact on hunger. Here are the 20 Enactus USA teams […]

18Sep 2015

Enactus is extremely excited to relaunch the Bright Future Project Partnership for Enactus United States teams in 2015–2016! Last year, 20 Enactus US teams impacted over 33,000 people to help break the cycle of hunger in America. Check out Unilever’s recap of last year’s partnership at Unilever’s Bright Future website! Enactus and Unilever see opportunity […]

21Apr 2015

Bright Future teams, Enactus and Unilever have been truly inspired by the work you’ve done through the Bright Future Project Partnership this year. In just a few months, you have directly empowered over 8,000 low-income individuals by providing them with the knowledge, skills and resources to live a healthy eating lifestyle. Mobile markets were created […]

03Apr 2015

Unilever and Enactus United States want to thank all of the Enactus US teams that participated in the Unilever Bright Future Project Partnership. You have done impactful work, which has built long-term success. We appreciate your dedication to these projects! I am pleased to announce the 2014–2015 Unilever Bright Future Project Partnership top teams: Blue […]